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Improve the look of your carpeting with quality cleaning

Enjoy the results of our pet stain and odor treatments

Did you come home and find a mess left on the carpeting by your pet? Dynamic Carpet Service of Fort Worth treats the carpet to eliminate pet stains and odors and restore your carpeting to its previous condition.


When dealing with pet stains on carpeting, there are no absolute guarantees for total success. Depending on the damage left by continuous incidents, we work to lessen the stains. We use germicides and other products to hygienically treat and clean pet-stained carpeting.

We tackle the worst stains

Spot dyeing can reduce a stain’s presence. With carpet remnants left over from installation, we can repair the damaged section with a patch. We replace padding in the affected area, too.

Proven cleaning

 •  Neutralize stains

 •  Deodorize foul smells

 •  Pet feces, urine, and vomit

Get complete service for carpet and upholstery needs

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